Social second thoughts

Despite being a big fan and user of Google products I'm having some second thoughts about posting my content directly to the Google+ social network. I'm starting to look at an independent microblogging solution, in particular recently started by Manton Reece. This is currently in beta and only available to its Kickstarter backers. Keep watching this space.


Blogs and Social Media

Well, I was planning to start a new, regular blog here but it seems to have been put on the back burner. There's only so much time you can spend on blogs and social media. I've tinkered with many - and still have accounts on a lot of them - but at the moment am trying to move my focus onto just one, Google+.

Why Google+ ?

Compared to Twitter it seems less hectic and less populated by celebrity culture. Plus it doesn't have the post length limitations.

Compared to Facebook it's less personal (a good thing), but does have focussed Communities for shared interests. I do use Facebook, but mainly for keeping in touch with people I actually know. Plus Google+'s interface is cleaner and less inundated with advertising, mindless games and image memes.

Hopefully, being a Google product, it will have longevity so my content will be accessible and archived for some time to come. More recent startups such as (which I did subscribe to and use) do not seem to last long. was very good and devoid of advertising, but is set to shut down on 15th March 2017. I can see other smaller social networks such as Ello and Medium going the same way.

From Google+ I am sharing to other sites and if I could automatically share my content from there to here I would, but that doesn't seem possible :(

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