Larry Law compiled and edited a series of small 'pocketbooks' in the late 1970s/early 1980s entitled Spectacular Times. They serve as a brief introduction to the ideas of Situationism. Each consists of newspaper clippings, quotations, handwritten text by Law and illustrations, all compiled and arranged with great humour!

The text of the booklets cannot really stand alone, so they have to be viewed as images scanned from the original booklets.

Sometimes the online images viewed in a slideshow are not perfectly clear - as an alternative I have been provided with pdf versions of the editions of Spectacular Times presented here (created by @Reddebrek) which can be opened or downloaded from the Downloads page.

Unfortunately I do not own or have access to all the physical editions of Spectacular Times. As far as I know the full list of editions is:

   1. Images
   2. Everyday Life
   3. The Media
   4. Fin de Spectacle
   5. Into the Endgame
   6. Food
   7. Women and the Spectacle
   8. The Spectacle: A Skeleton Key
   9. The Spectacle: Another Skeleton Key
  10. Animals
  11. More of the Shame
  12. The Bad Days Will End
  13. Cities of Illusion
  14. Bigger Cages, Longer Chains

The titles 'Revolutionary Self-Theory' and 'A True Historie & Account of the Pyrate Captain Mission' were published as additional pocketbooks.

I only possess 1/2, 3, 8/9, 10, 12 and 14. I have therefore used images previously presented on some other websites - which to my knowledge no longer exist or are not always online - there was, for example, a, which again was (but now does not appear to be) archived at the domain If I knew the names of those who had done most of the hard scanning work I would give you credit - let me know if you read this and want a mention.

As of April 2014 I didn't have all the 'virtual' editions of Spectacular Times. I didn't even know the titles of 5 and 6. This has now changed. The creator of the excellent Situationniste Blog - A Situationist Book Collector's Blog has managed to find copies of 'Spectacular Times 5: Into the Endgame' and 'Spectacular Times 6: Food'. He has provided me with copies of pdf versions of these editions which I have now added in image format to this site and as pdfs on my download page. Many thanks to him - and his blog is well worth a visit!

As mentioned above, strictly speaking 'Revolutionary Self-Theory' and 'A True Historie & Account of the Pyrate Captain Mission' are not editions of Spectacular Times. But as they are written by Larry Law and presented in the same pocketbook format I have included them here.

Editions of the Spectacular Times may also be available online at and As far as I'm concerned, the more places they are available, the better - so feel free to print, present, post and distribute them everywhere!

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