17th September 1944

War Diary of H.Q., 1 Airborne Division

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
AIRFIELDS 17 Sep 1015 Pathfinder a/c took off from FAIRFORD for operation ‘MARKET’, followed by remainder first lift from 38 and 46 Cp and IX T.C.C. Airfields.
ARNHEM 17 “ 1300 onwards Landings of 1 Air Ldg Bde, Div H.Q. and Div Tps by glider started, followed by 1 Para Bde drop at 1440 hrs, both eminently successful on correct L.Zs. and D.Zs. Flak slight.
17 “ 1415 Div H.Q. opened 658799, complete except for G.S.O.(I) and B.M.,R.A.
17 “ 1630 G.O.C. left Div H.Q. to visit 1 Air Ldg bde. Thence to 1 Para Bde.
17 “ 1900 Operations proceeding according to plan; dispositions as in Trace ‘A’ attached. After dark Div H.Q. occupied empty gliders on adjoining L.Z. ‘Z’.