22nd September 1944

War Diary of H.Q., 1 Airborne Division

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information
ARNHEM 22 Sep 0200 21 Indep Para Coy move from present location and came under comd Brig Hackett in area astride main ARNHEM rd about 695780; position occupied by 0440 hrs.
22 “ 0515 Lt. Col STEVENS, G.S.O.1(L), Polish Para Bde, arrives Div H.Q. and reports Bde H.Q. and two Bns landed SOUTH of river, but so far unable to cross.
22 “ 0617 Airtps reports Gds Armd Div remaining present area. 43 Div taking up advance at first light 22 Sep and directed on OOSTERBEEK ferry.
22 “ 0710 LONSDALE Force report they are in good heart having repelled attack during the night.
22 “ 0740 Airtps report 43 Div ordered to take all risks to effect relief today and directed on ferry. If situation warrants you should withdraw to or cross the ferry.
22 “ 0730 Morning hatc again. Very heavy mortaring and high casualties. 15 cm dud mortar shell within 10 yds of Div H.Q.
22 “ 1120 Message from 2nd Army via PHANTOM. Intention 129 Bde right 214 Bde left to attack 1000 hrs. To join up with you. Patrol 2 HCR contacted Poles at 675745.
22 “ 1210 G.S.O.1 and C.R.E. left to cross river to contact Polish Bde and 43 Div.
22 “ 1230 HQ 1 Airlanding Bde now located 692778.
22 “ 1335 Message from Airtps result of Polish Bde drop. 53 A/C reached D.Z. 41 A/C abortive. 13 A/C missing. 3 A/C landed BRUSSELS.
22 “ 1350 Message from Polish Bde that G.S.O.1 and C.R.E. arrived safely.
22 “ 1455 4 Bde report that enemy veh on main ARNHEM road blown up by our mines killing all occupants.
22 “ 1550 G.O.C. makes arrangements on RT with Polish Para Bde for crossing this evening; R.V. 694769, expected that 150 men will get across.
22 “ 2005 Sitrep to Airtps. Perimeter unchanged. Posn heavily shelled and mortared during day. Minor attacks defended. Some SP guns knocked out. Assistance given by supporting arty fwd Div. Intend ferry some Poles over tonight. Small attack direction ferry first light tomorrow. Morale high.
22 “ 2145 Attack projected in Sitrep by SOUTH coy 1 Border cancelled.
22 “ 2345 Lt regt (THOMSON Force) report that some Poles have reached them.
22 “ 2359 Div posns as on Trace ‘F’