How sweet it is to sit and read the tales
Of mightiest poets and to hear the while
Sweet music, which when the attention fails
Fill the dim pause —

The fragment of poetry quoted above is by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The lines were written in a notebook, probably in March 1819. According to Mary Shelley, Shelley heard the Miserere in the Sistine Chapel on 30th March 1819 and, as he was reading Plutarch on that day, he was possibly reading Plutarch during the performance. The lines may reflect that. I certainly seem to (too often) experience 'the dim pause' of loss of concentration when reading - the familiarity made this fragment of verse memorable and led me to settle on using the identity TheDimPause for a number of online presences (see below).

You've arrived at - the nntk stands for No Need To Know, an acronym which took its inspiration from the (old and not recently updated) site NTK. is essentially unstructured and random - just the presentation of some material I've been interested in, sympathetic towards and/or have collected over the years. Most importantly it consists of resources (in particular Larry Law's 'Spectacular Times') that I haven't easily managed to find elsewhere on the web so felt that it would be useful to maintain here.

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The final link on the top navigation menu here is Hill107. This is a link to a re-creation (a static export) of a Wordpress site I used to run at the domain This site presented a small archive of material relating to two World War 2 airborne battles, the Battle of Arnhem and the Battle of Crete. At the moment I think this will just be for posterity and to keep the material available online - I don't think I will be modifying or updating the content.

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