Hill 107

The Battle of Arnhem : 17th – 26th September 1944

The Battle of Crete : 20th May – 1st June 1941

This is Hill 107, a site designed at present as a small archive of material relating to the World War 2 airborne battles, the Battle of Arnhem and the Battle of Crete.

Hill 107 is the hill overlooking Maleme airfield in Crete, the site of the initial attacks during the German airborne invasion of the island in May 1941 – codenamed ‘Unternehmen Merkur’ (‘Operation Mercury’), the first ever major airborne invasion in history. This hill is now the site of a German War Cemetery.

The site includes a summary of the Operation Market Garden plan, historical documents relating to the Battle of Arnhem, contemporary newspaper reporting and archive images of the Battle of Arnhem, some war poetry inspired by the battles and modern day photographs of some sites relating to the Battle of Crete – including Hill 107 itself. There is also content about General Sir John Hackett and about the commemoration of the battles.