Stars and Stripes Mediterranean: Tuesday, September 19, 1944 – ‘New Drive’


Stars and Stripes Mediterranean, September 19, 1944

New Drive, Air Action Dovetailed
SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, ALLIED EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, Sept. 18 – In coordination with the 1st Allied Airborne Army’s invasion of Holland, the British 2nd Army has opened a major offensive from the south and has broken across the Dutch frontier at several points.

Field dispatches reported that the British already were two miles inside Holland, driving towards the cities of Tilburg and Eindhoven, where the German News Agency previously claimed that Allied airborne units had landed.

Both Dutch cities are within ten miles of the Belgian border, and Lt. Gen. Sir Miles Dempsey’s troops were reported swinging towards them after breaking out of their eastern bridgehead over the Escaut Canal.

Meanwhile, the U.S. 1st Army continued to fight its way ahead east of encircled Aachen, after throwing back a furious German counterattack. Farther south, other Americans of the same army drove across the Luxembourg-German frontier at two new points.

Allied drive into Holland

WHILE AMERICANS poured through the hole in the West Wall south of Aachen, in the first operation of its kind the 1st Allied Airborne Army yesterday leapfrogged German water barriers along the coast and landed inland on the Rhine delta at several points in the Eindhoven area.