Stars and Stripes: Saturday, September 23, 1944


Stars and Stripes, September 23, 1944

Skyborne Army Rescued
Push Lifts Nazi Siege In Holland
British armor and American paratroops drove north in Holland from liberated Nijmegen yesterday to relieve a force of airborne units which had been cut off at Arnhem, while to the southeast, the greatest tank battle of the campaign in Western Europe raged in the Moselle Valley.

Before the junction of the two forces in Holland, the position of the beleagured skyborne army at Arnhem had been described as critical, but not hopeless. To effect the junction, elements of the British Second Army and American paratroops thrust eight miles north of Nijmegen, where earlier the combined forces had seized a great bridge over the Rhine (the biggest of two branches of the lower Rhine and called the Waal by the Dutch).
Nazis Battle Fanatically
The rescue was effected only after one of the stiffest battles of the war, according to front-line dispatches which emphasized the stern resistance being put up by the Germans, well aware that a continued Allied [advances] in this sector meant an outflanking of the Siegfried Line from the north and a development of the threat across the Rhine, already crossed at Nijmegen.